I Wish I Had Known: A Message from Dana Barrett

Dear TurningPoint Community – Some of you may know me as the emcee of The Pink Affair, and maybe you’ve heard me say a word or two about my own breast cancer battle at the mic on those inspiring and important evenings.  But while it is an honor to be a part of the TurningPoint […]

TurningPoint Interview on Top Docs Radio

Radio Interview covers organization overview, history and growth of TurningPoint. Top Docs Radio hosted an interview with Founder and Executive Director Jill Binkley.  Check out the interview.  

Radio Interview: Georgia News Network Feb 2018

TurningPoint Featured Rebecca Cowens-Alvarado, TurningPoint Executive Director, and Robyn Cohen, TurningPoint patient, volunteer and advocate, chat with John Clark of Georgia News Network, about TurningPoint’ mission, services, history and programs.  Robyn shares her story of how TurningPoint was in fact, her turning point!