Support Groups for Breast Cancer Patients

Dr. Naynette Kennett, Ph.D, LCSW, TurningPoint Counselor

TurningPoint support groups are a low-pressure, empowering opportunity to exchange experiences, information, and care with individuals who understand what you are going through – to hear and be heard. Research shows that individuals with a strong community of support have better health outcomes. TurningPoint currently offers 2 support groups with plans on adding
more in the near future.

MBC Connections
Support Group For Stage IV Patients

4th Wednesday of each month
10:00 AM
Join us via Zoom

Looking to live well with advanced breast cancer? Join us for a monthly social and supportive meeting. This support group is open to all breast cancer patients with advanced or metastatic breast cancer

To learn more and join group, please contact us at for more information.

Facilitated by Dr. Naynette Kennett, LCSW, TurningPoint Counselor