My Breast Cancer Diagnosis hit hard and fast. I had to make a lot of decisions and make them quick.   I was overwhelmed and I know my family felt the same way.  I did as much research as I could, exploring every option possible on what treatment plans were best for me. 

Before my diagnosis, I was teaching yoga classes, going to acting class and auditions, along with waiting tables at night.

I ended up having a double mastectomy, froze my eggs, and then went through chemotherapy. I lost the range of motion in my arms after surgery, and chemo really drained my energy. Also, I had no idea how expensive a cancer diagnosis would be. It really has drained me financially.

I am so thankful I found TurningPoint, which has been a healing oasis for me. They helped me get my range of motion back faster than I would have on my own and helped me financially. TurningPoint will always have a special place in my heart.