In February 2014, I was diagnosed with Stage 2b breast cancer. After treatment, I was referred to TurningPoint Breast Cancer Rehabilitation. I chose to reach out to TurningPoint as soon as I was able. Since then I find I spend as much time as I can at TurningPoint.

During a recent visit to TurningPoint for a journaling class, we were offered an exercise to “journal” what we were thinking about in the moment. I found myself listening to the sounds and voices around me as I was journaling, and I experienced a feeling of warmth and support, just being in this place of comfort. I was thinking about how I often find myself using any excuse to be at TurningPoint. It is a place where everything I have been through in the last four years has been acknowledged, understood, and accepted. Even though I have incredible support from friends and family, TurningPoint is the only place where I know and feel like they completely “get it.”

Not only does the staff feel like part of my family, they are highly qualified to offer the most updated education, nutrition guidance, and various therapy modalities (including opportunities for exercise), tailored just for me. We are encouraged to discover and to embrace ways to overcome our physical and mental changes which resulted from treatment and surgery, as well as the anguish we have felt.

There are no words I can find that truly express the gratitude I have for Turning Point and the wonderful staff I have met over the last four years.