Before my diagnosis in late November of 2018, I thought of myself as someone who was well informed about breast cancer. Having a sister who was diagnosed with DCIS at a young age guided me (someone who is already proactive with my health) to stay informed. Also, at 60 years old I’ve lost count of the number of friends who have taken this journey and shared their experience with me. And “journey” it certainly is, down a long, often unfamiliar road with many stops along the way that aren’t really where we want to be.

However, there has been place on this journey that I actually look forward to – TurningPoint. Aptly named, TurningPoint is like a compass, providing me both guidance and care that shifts me in the right direction. My therapists help fill in the gaps of information that pop up between multiple doctors and treatments. The therapeutic procedures have brought me back to a range of motion within normal and encouraged me to attain my previous fitness level.  What’s also remarkable to me is how on each visit they both accomplish the clinical rehabilitation objectives and engage me in happy conversation about my world. They let me ramble about my two grown sons, my supportive husband and my work in marketing veterinary specialty and emergency hospitals. Is it any wonder that I walk out of TurningPoint feeling good in body, mind and heart?