I was shocked when I learned about my mammogram results and thought ‘why me?’ and ‘how do I tell my kids?’  My husband was so supportive and we were all scared. We took it one day at a time, because making all the treatment decisions was the hardest part of the cancer journey and I didn’t want to second guess myself. We had so many people praying and doing daily devotions and all the prayers were a huge help to me. Once I determined what was best for me, I prayed for peace and moved forward with each part of my treatment.

After surgery, I had left arm and breast numbness which was a very odd feeling and physical therapy was recommended. My radiation did leave me fatigued and in time that got better.

TurningPoint was so helpful to me in building my upper body strength, range of motion and helping with improving my arm numbness. I had heard about TurningPoint before, but my family and I had not fully appreciated the unique Physical Therapy model followed by TurningPoint until I was a patient. As I improved, I was able to do more overtime and get back to the things I liked to do. The model is so critical to a patient’s recovery and it was the best experience in all of the treatments I underwent.  I’ve talked to many women with breast cancer and TurningPoint’s approach is not widely adopted in other areas of the country, which is so unfortunate for other patients.  My personal mission is to help raise awareness of TurningPoint and support the organization and their patients as they move through their treatment journeys.

My husband and I have been married for 24 years and we have a son in college who is 20 and a daughter who is 14 and in high school.  I enjoy scrapbooking and playing golf.  Prior to my diagnosis, I was in an executive marketing role at a health care company.