You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.” (Psalm 18:28 NIV)

“. . . enjoy the gift of an ordinary day.”  I read those words wistfully each time I waited in the lobby at TurningPoint. Would I ever feel normal again? On July 27, 2018 I had a bilateral mastectomy and started reconstruction two months later. To be strong and flexible again seemed like an impossible dream. But now in April I’m doing an aerobics class three times a week! How thankful I am for TurningPoint’s role in my restoration.

Last fall every time I signed in I was greeted with encouraging smiles.  As I sat in the lobby awaiting my appointment, I felt myself slowly relax as soft music played overhead. I read passages of scripture. Glancing up from my reading, I began to notice a lamp shaped like a plant curving gracefully upward toward the light. Nature imagery continued in the pictures on the wall — a butterfly alighting on a blossom; a dragonfly hovering over a plant. They reminded me of my Creator who soothed me as I waited my turn. Then I would hear my name. The therapist would smile at me, welcoming me warmly for another session.

At first I resented the identity of “breast cancer patient;” I had already been down that rocky road in 2012.  I am athletic and didn’t like to be weak and dependent. My therapist could sense this malaise and yet treated me kindly. As we got better acquainted I felt comfortable confiding some of my struggles. She listened empathetically and asked a few helpful questions. What a relief to be understood! My negative feelings were acknowledged and validated.

At every visit my therapist massaged my neck and shoulder area as well as the underarm cording, and tight muscles began to ease. Since my range of motion was measured each time, I felt motivated to exercise diligently at home using their regimen. Little by little I could see changes – progress!  During that time I also walked a lot outside, as well as doing water aerobics for two months. In January came the implant surgery. The preceding months had felt like climbing steep stairs, straining to reach the top, but now I was forced to go backwards, partway down the steps. I felt so frustrated at the delay and feeling limited once more.

But when I could resume the TurningPoint exercises my recovery picked up speed, much faster than before. Now my husband and I are so pleased with the results of the reconstruction, and I am energetic and flexible. As I said a grateful goodbye to my plastic surgeon and TurningPoint, I knew that my God had indeed provided TurningPoint to help me and had turned my darkness into light.  He also blessed me with a wonderful, supportive husband and some faithful friends and counselors.