I have Breast Cancer. Those are words I never thought I would hear about myself.

My journey began December 2017. Because I had been told years earlier I had dense breast tissue, I was being followed with mammograms and MRIs. In December 2017, my scheduled mammogram was normal, and I had already scheduled my MRI for the next week. The MRI revealed some alarming areas of concern. I went back to my Breast Specialists office in January to biopsy the areas that were of concern. In February, the biopsy results came back benign. At this point, my Breast Surgeon and Radiologist were not convinced of these results and suggested an excision biopsy to remove the tissue. In April, that surgery was scheduled. It was that surgery that confirmed my Radiologist’s suspicion that I had Breast Cancer—low-grade, stage 1 stupid cancer. It was at that point, I realized my life would change forever.  I decided to have a double mastectomy.

My surgery was scheduled for the third week of July, 2018. I had expanders put in at that time, and early September had implants put in.

Today, I feel great! A large part of that feeling can be attributed to TurningPoint. When I was cleared to start physical therapy, I scheduled several appointments and got started. I wanted to regain my range of motion and alleviate the cording that I was experiencing. After a few sessions, I started feeling so much better. It was a confidence booster for me. I had been worried I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the quality of life I had been accustomed to; however working with the physical and massage therapists at TurningPoint changed my outlook.

I lived in Sandy Springs for over 20 years, in fact, right behind TurningPoint. I had never heard of TurningPoint until I was referred to them. Crazy right? I thought so too.

As an active community member and healthcare professional, I want to do more to promote TurningPoint. More people and businesses in our surrounding area need to know about TurningPoint. It’s a game changer.

There is no other place like it in the South! No other PT, massage, nutrition facility dedicated only to the care of women with Breast Cancer. The specialized training of their physical therapists is focused solely on helping women recover and regain their quality of life. Game changer.

My story had some ups and downs along the way, but I was diligent and so were my doctors. I could have stopped with a normal mammogram, but I didn’t. I could have stopped when the needle biopsy came back benign, but I didn’t. I needed to know why an MRI indicated something when other tests didn’t.
I ultimately got my answer and it changed my life forever. I had Breast Cancer.

Today, I am cancer free!