I am a third-generation breast cancer survivor. My experience with breast cancer began with my maternal grandmother, followed by my mother and has spanned most of my life. Now, I have a daughter and three granddaughters of my own who have now been personally touched by the disease.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. I underwent a bilateral mastectomy, in addition to seven weeks of daily radiation. On my last day of radiation I was declared cancer-free, but instead of celebrating I felt as if I was stepping into a vortex with no plan moving forward. I was left wondering “Now what?” Like many women, I felt lost and alone on my recovery journey. 

Although I live in Sarasota, I am often in Atlanta visiting my children and grandchildren. My daughter, Angie, who lives in Atlanta, heard about TurningPoint and made an appointment for me as soon as I was cleared to travel.

I instantly felt comfort after meeting with the team at TurningPoint. From physical therapy and counseling to dietary considerations and exercise programs, my experience with TurningPoint is unmatched. After setting up a plan for my recovery journey, I became a long-distance patient and TurningPoint was able to coordinate care with my doctors in Florida to ensure that my treatment was continued, https://www.childinjuryfirm.com/tramadol-ultram.

Each of us has a personal story. Whether it’s our mother, father, friend or neighbor, each one of us has a connection to breast cancer. TurningPoint understands that our connections to breast cancer are personal. Through a wide variety of educational programs and evidence-based rehab, TurningPoint’s specialized care brings hope, encouragement and support to survivors and their families.

Moved by our experience with TurningPoint, my daughter Angie ​Dumler went on to become an active board member and passionate advocate of TurningPoint’s mission. In addition, my company, a strategic communication firm MagnifyGood, donated the research and strategy to create the #MakeItPersonal campaign — because the path to recovery truly is a journey, and TurningPoint helped my family and me make it personal.