Nutrition Q&A: 17 Healthy Tips for 2017

Q:  I’m always a bit overwhelmed with New Year good intentions, but how can I follow through ? A:  17 Tips for 2017! With the arrival of the New Year, I challenge everyone to focus on positive things you can do for your health. New Year’s resolutions tend to be the same every year–eat healthier, lose weight, exercise, […]

Nutrition Q&A: Winter Squash

Q: Is there much nutritional value in winter squash? A: Think antioxidants and more! If I asked you to name a food rich in antioxidants, I bet you wouldn’t think to mention winter squash. Usually, green leafy vegetables get all the credit for providing the bulk of antioxidants in your diet, and most people are […]

Nutrition Q&A: Vitamin D in the Winter

What can I do to maintain adequate levels of Vitamin D in the winter months? Winter is right around the corner which means colder weather, shorter days and less outside time. Less time spent outside means less sun exposure, and less sun exposure leads to lower vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is known as the […]

Radio Interview: Georgia News Network Feb 2018

TurningPoint Featured Rebecca Cowens-Alvarado, TurningPoint Executive Director, and Robyn Cohen, TurningPoint patient, volunteer and advocate, chat with John Clark of Georgia News Network, about TurningPoint’ mission, services, history and programs.  Robyn shares her story of how TurningPoint was in fact, her turning point!