Evidence Update: Chemobrain & Breast Cancer

…Not Your Imagination Cognitive impairment, often termed “chemobrain”, occurs in 10-40% of all cancer patients, and is an emerging target of cancer survivorship research. A recent study reviewed published studies to explore the impact of chemobrain on the quality of life of breast cancer survivors. The authors reviewed 457 papers, and found 7 studies that were relevant to breast cancer […]

Evidence Update: The Benefits of Massage for Patients with Breast Cancer

A systematic review of 203 research articles related to the usefulness of complementary therapies to manage treatment side effects and improve quality of life was published recently in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute Monographs. The study found that there is substantial research to support the benefits of massage, yoga and energy conservation techniques […]

Evidence Update: To Jump-Start Your Exercise Routine, Be Mindful

The benefits of exercise for breast cancer survivors during and after treatment is well known. But…we all struggle to stick with an exercise program, particularly when life gets busy. A new study suggests that by paying more attention to the experience of exercise itself, we are more likely to continue an exercise program. This is […]

Evidence Update: Body Image and Sexuality – You are Not Alone!

Breast cancer and its treatments may affect sexual functioning based on physiological and psychosocial mechanisms. A recent study examined various aspects of sexual and psychosocial functioning before surgery, six months and one year after surgical treatment in 149 women with breast cancer. Of interest is that they also compared sexual function with an equal number of women of the same age […]