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Camila Burdette

Camila received her Bachelor of Psychology from Georgia State University. Having passion for advocacy and a commitment to supporting individuals in need, she has dedicated her career to serving others. She has gained valuable experience and honed her skills in various roles, each contributing to her ability to provide compassionate and empathetic assistance in diverse situations.

Prior to joining the staff at TurningPoint, Camila has served as an advocate where she handled crisis situations, responded to urgent inquiries and provided crucial information. She has provided safety planning assistance, and supported clients throughout many circumstances. 

Being fluent in Spanish, Camila is also able to effectively communicate and connect with diverse populations, further enhancing her ability to serve others. Looking ahead, she is eager to continue using her prior skills and experiences to continue making a meaningful impact in the lives of others. 

TurningPoint is a special place because TurningPoint creates a safe space for each individual no matter where they are in their journey. We are here to support you!

A fun fact about me is I was a foster fail and I kept all of my three cats.