Karen Hamlin

Six years ago, I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC). I chose full treatment- chemotherapy, bilateral surgery, radiation, and hormone therapy.

I exercise, watch my diet, maintain a spiritually positive attitude, and continue to work even since my retirement. However, there are risks and side effects of treatment.  At the beginning of last year, I was experiencing serious cramping of chest area muscles and an increase in lymphedema in my arms. My Radiation Oncologist recommended physical therapy at TurningPoint.

It has been a pleasant and rewarding experience. The therapists are very positive and cheerful. They have encouraged me to do exercises and massages to reduce muscle cramping in the chest area and increase range of motion in the arms and shoulders. They have a relatively new piece of equipment, a Perometer, to measure lymphedema (swelling) in the arms.   This helps me see the improvements I am making through exercise and use of the compression sleeves.

It’s all about “know-how”, what I can do on a daily basis to improve my own well-being. TurningPoint has been there guiding me in this process. Thank you TurningPoint!

Karen Hamlin, Breast Cancer Survivor