Amena Mitchell

In the spring of 2011 I noticed a small lump in the lower, inner quadrant of my right breast. I immediately panicked and called my doctor. I was scheduled for a mammogram shortly thereafter and was advised that it was a benign cyst and some calcification. Over the course of the following two years I went for routine mammograms and ultrasounds every six months. In April of 2013 I would learn that I had an early stage of breast cancer, which of course momentarily devastated admin

I was diagnosed with DCIS, and the initial expectation was to surgically remove the impacted area, but upon further research I decided on a mastectomy. Of course this news took the wind out of my sails, and literally made me sick to the stomach, but I handled it with grace and moved forward with the process.
On May 1st of 2013 my right breast was removed and the reconstruction process began. I was always optimistic that I would be just fine, but had no clue of the pending challenge I would face.

I developed a condition called cording that caused the loss of mobility and limited the range of motion in my right arm. I was told it resulted from the build-up of lymphatic fluids due to the lack of movement post-surgery. This is where TurningPoint, my God-send, comes in.

Amena2Approximately four weeks after surgery my Plastic Surgeon referred me for physical therapy. I literally could not do basic tasks that required the use of my right arm. I walked around like I had on an invisible sling because it hurt too much when I attempted to raise my arm. My first session at TurningPoint was the best and the worst… The best because I knew I was on the path to healing, but the worst because it was painful when my physical therapist, Lauren, first started the process of stretching and working the cording out. After that initial visit things got progressively better.

Approaching two years after surgery, I will always have a special place in my heart for TurningPoint. I truly appreciate the kindness and care that the staff showers on all of their patients, as well as the encouragement to stay positive and motivated. Since my experience, I’ve trade-marked a Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirt: Size Doesn’t Matter, Finding The Cure Does™, and have committed to provide a percentage of the proceeds to TurningPoint annually. I will forever be an advocate and supporter of the cause and of TurningPoint!

Amena Mitchell, Breast Cancer Survivor