Lynn Stoudt

It was still a very surreal moment when I was told that I had breast cancer, despite having multiple biopsies over the past 20 years.  The next 6 weeks I was overwhelmed with appointments, procedures and decisions about my treatment plan and surgeon while still trying to function at work and home. I was incredibly fortunate to have family, friends, neighbors and colleagues that supported me in so many ways – meals, calls, cards, surprise packages, flowers, and visits.  My daughter from San Francisco flew home to help.   Among my siblings, I have a set of younger twin sisters who really stepped up with a game plan to give me something to look forward to upon completion of every stage of the process, including trips to the beach and Disneyland.

Post-surgery, I had a lot of difficulty with range of motion and pain.  While I had excellent treatment and care from my surgeon and health care providers, this did not seem to be a focus, and I assumed it was the “new normal”.  At my last follow up, I expressed frustration with this to my surgeon, and he referred me for Physical Therapy.  Having had PT for frozen shoulders before, I was skeptical as I was already trying some of those exercises without success – but my sister who is a Physical Therapist in Alabama suggested researching PT specialties – and I was incredibly fortunate to find TurningPoint.  I sent her the link along with a couple of others that were closer to home, and she was very impressed with TurningPoint’s experience and focus and insisted this was the place to be!  I am so grateful for the treatment and encouragement I have received from everyone at TurningPoint, but especially my PT team of Anita and Lauren.   They always know exactly what to do to keep me progressing along.  Now, instead of constant pain, I have infrequent pain, and I know what stretches to perform to get fast improvement.  My range of motion is so much better that I no longer feel limited in daily activities.  I actually feel stronger now than before I was diagnosed because I am actively focused on stretching and strengthening. I am able to enjoy life more because I have more energy.

With the motivation and preparation of my TurningPoint  team  and  my athletic and competitive (unlike me)  twin sisters, I completed a 5K in January.  My sisters’ first 15K of 2015 was the Hot Chocolate Race in Atlanta – given that I love chocolate, and the reward at the end of the race is a mug of hot chocolate, and a bowl of chocolate fondue with various items to dip in it – I figured what better event for me to try to participate in, and signed up for the 5K.  We had a lot of fun preparing for the event and I was able to stay on the required pace of 15 minute miles – and in fact was by no means the last one to finish!  I also took my first yoga class recently and am looking forward to practicing weekly!  Through the motivation and success of my TurningPoint treatments, I am now enjoying my work-life balance by adding new activities to my schedule.  Coming to TurningPoint has literally been a life changer for me!