Ashley Franks

Every pain and suffering in this life has a purpose. I truly believe that you can find hope and peace in any situation through not only family and friends, but God.

I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at the age of 32 in December of 2013. My husband Matt and I had only been living in the Atlanta area for less than two years. At the time, we had a son Roman (4yr), a daughter Carmen (2yr), and a son Hudson (7 month). If I hadn’t been nursing Hudson, I probably wouldn’t have noticed the tumor as soon as I did. I was all too familiar with cancer. My mother survived ovarian cancer during my high school years and then I lost my father to prostate cancer in 2003. Little did I know, I too would be diagnosed exactly ten years later.

My mammogram didn’t even reveal the tumor, but the MRI reflected a scare that Matt and I would never forget. We were led to believe that the cancer had metastasized to my bones. A moment that I will always remember was when my husband took the call with the results of the bone scan revealing that my bones were in fact clean. Matt’s hair was sticking straight up from his hands running through it. His eyes were so teary eyed, and he was shaking, yelling, “It’s clean! Your bones are clean!” I felt a glimpse of hope from that point on.

I went through six rounds of chemotherapy throughout the winter of 2014. I went to every single session with a different close friend. I felt hope through holding their hands while the yucky chemo would drip through my veins. Hope was given through the volunteer nurse praying over me each week and cheering me on when I didn’t feel like fighting anymore.

My husband not only took on the role as the main caregiver, but he served as a nurse and single parent many days and nights. I remember lying in bed feeling drugged up, half awake, but hearing the screaming cries from my baby, toddler, and preschooler trying to take their evening baths. I simply couldn’t muster the energy to help at times. Things in the home were so crazy to say the least, but God carried us through slowly day by day.

Friends brought us food for nine months straight. They prayed for us, watched our children, and loved on us continuously. Hope came through feeling the amount of love poured out by friends and family. We had never experienced so much love and generosity.

Testing revealed that my cancer is in fact genetic. I am BRCA2 positive and now live with the burden that there is a 50% chance each of my children will carry the gene as well. The doctors recommended that I have a double mastectomy and also a prophylactic hysterectomy. After the double mastectomy, I was not able to hold my children or even move my arms above shoulder height. I remembered hearing of TurningPoint from the volunteer nurse at my chemotherapy treatments. Within the first physical therapy session, I was able to lift my arms above my head. One moment I will never forget was when the therapist told me that I could start to slowly hold Hudson. I sat in that office just crying tears of joy. I obviously hurried home and picked him up, spinning him around!

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In February of 2014, around the halfway point of my chemotherapy treatment, a friend came to me saying that God had spoken to her. He said, “I have removed them. I’m serious. Don’t miss that”. I was astonished, but believed in faith that these words were true. I truly believed that I had been healed. Every single ultrasound and scan from that point on showed no cancer. After my double mastectomy in May of 2014, the pathology report reflected a pure 100% pathological response. They could not find one single cancer cell! Matt and I were absolutely amazed and changed by this miracle. God doesn’t promise to heal us forever on earth, but he does promise eternal healing if we put our faith in him. After experiencing something as terrible and scary as cancer, I try to live life to its fullest and be grateful for every single moment I have with my family.

We currently live in Cumming, Georgia where I enjoy exercising, cooking homemade organic cancer fighting meals, interior design, and playing with our three children. I believe my cancer was for a purpose and I focus on being a walking light for God.