Evidence Update: Investigating the Effects of Progressive Muscle Relaxation on Patients with Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy

These studies examined relaxation training as an intervention for the adverse reactions that can occur during chemotherapy. Anxiety, depression and reduced quality of life can accompany chemotherapy in breast cancer patients. The studies examined two groups of breast cancer patients and the group that received the progressive muscle relaxation training had less anxiety and stress […]

Patient Perspective: Janet

At the age of 52, after the passing of my sister from ovarian cancer and the high incidence of other family cancers, I opted to have preventative bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction. As part of my recovery, I found TurningPoint. I was welcomed by the entire TP staff who treated me like a true friend […]

Evidence Update: Get an Exercise Buddy for an Effective Program

A recent 2016 research study performed at University of Aberdeen found that starting an exercise routine with a new partner can increase the amount of time you exercise. Participants in the study were divided into two groups, one group was asked to find a new “gym buddy” and the other group was asked to continue […]

Patient Perspective: Laura

In April 2016, five months after receiving a clear mammogram, I found a lump in my right breast. I tried to dismiss it and decided I would wait until it was again time to have my annual mammogram. However, a nagging instinct transported me to my gynecologist who immediately referred me to a breast surgeon. […]