In April 2016, five months after receiving a clear mammogram, I found a lump in my right breast. I tried to dismiss it and decided I would wait until it was again time to have my annual mammogram. However, a nagging instinct transported me to my gynecologist who immediately referred me to a breast surgeon. Within days, I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. The cancer had already reached my lymph nodes.

After 8 rounds of chemotherapy, losing my hair, bilateral mastectomies, 27 rounds of radiation, and a complete hysterectomy, I was declared to be in remission. I was officially a “survivor”. I was thrilled to be finished with my major surgeries and treatment but, at the same time, I needed a hand to hold as I re-entered the world, post-treatment.

The team at TurningPoint helped me navigate my new normal and gently taught me strategies to regain and maintain the range of motion in my arms and to strengthen my core. I re-discovered a love of walking and yoga which have been integral parts of my recovery.

Time and again, I have returned to TurningPoint for follow up care and massage therapy. TurningPoint has been so much more than rehabilitative care. They truly are comrades in recovery.