LymphaTech Research Update

Georgia Tech has been partnering with TurningPoint for a little over a year to research and develop a new low-cost, high-accuracy lymphedema measurement and monitoring tool using the Microsoft XBOX Kinect. To date, we have scanned over 120 TurningPoint patients, and the results we have collected so far are looking very promising. The LymphaTech volume and circumference measurements correlate well with those of the Perometer and support the use of modern 3D scanning technology for quantifying and tracking limb geometries. We are currently using the patient data collected from TurningPoint to build and refine the mathematical models and algorithms that will be used to compute the relevant clinical measurements. Our initial goal is to collect a data set of 200 patients to finalize the first version of the model, so we are well over half-way done!

Excitingly, the work we have done thus far at TurningPoint has allowed us to apply for additional grants to expand the scope of our testing and the breadth of our applications. We have been able to increase the study to three additional clinical sites for patient testing, including the AVON Breast Center at Grady Memorial Hospital. We were also recently recruited to use the LymphaTech system as part of a Global Task Force and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project to treat and monitor lymphedema in developing countries worldwide.

The research we have performed at TurningPoint has contributed to cutting-edge advances in the standard of lymphedema care and is making a global impact!

Mike Weiler, Ph.D.
Co-Founder and CEO, LymphaTec
hational Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
Georgia Institute of Technology