Recent research has shown that female cancer patients/survivors have unmet sexual and vaginal health needs that are not being traditionally met by their doctors and health providers. A study published in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment surveyed women with a history of breast cancer and/or gynecologic cancer and found that 70% were somewhat to very concerned about sexual function/vaginal health, 55% reported vaginal dryness, 39% reported vaginal pain, and 51% experienced libido loss.  Our experience at TurningPoint as your physical therapists and counselors absolutely confirms this, and we want to better meet your needs and educate our patients on the pelvic floor, how the pelvic floor can be impacted by cancer treatments, and how your emotional and relational health are impacted greatly as well.  The study showed that improved communication, awareness, and educational resources can help women cope with treatment side effects.  

Come join us for this month’s community education event as we address and discuss these very relevant and sometimes taboo topics in a respectful and comfortable environment.

Stabile C., Goldfarb S., Baser R.E., et al (2017). Sexual health needs and educational intervention preferences for women with cancer. Breast Cancer Res Treat, 165(1), 77-84. doi:10.1007/s10549-017-4305-6.