Breast cancer is an extremely challenging life event that can occur and impact one’s outlook on life.  While focus on quality of life has traditionally centered on physical well-being, current research is showing a multitude of other factors that influence a woman’s quality of life.  A recent literature review explored the existing research and showed that breast cancer survivors experience physical, psychological, social, and spiritual challenges, all of which can benefit from a more holistic approach of well-being and self-care.  The article points out that as many as 64% of women with breast cancer experience fear as well as high percentages experiencing distress and anxiety.  Socially, women perceived their social functioning as reduced and negatively impacted throughout a cancer journey.  However, studies have found that utilization of a social support network is associated with better resistance to illness, lower mortality, longer survival from myocardial infarction, lower risk of cancer reoccurrence, and improved cancer survival.  Spirituality and religiosity is another area impacted by a breast cancer diagnosis.  Research has shown that an involvement in spiritual/religious activities enhances physical and mental health, coping with illness, medical outcomes, decreasing fear, finding hope, and making meaning.  Want to learn more about how to implement self-care in these areas and positively change your overall quality of life?

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