The New Year is upon us and so is the chance to create healthy habits. Participating in a formal exercise routine is one healthy habit that can have a lasting impact for every population but the impact is even greater for those who have survived breast cancer. According to Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund exercise can lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, and increase bone mineral density. Due to this immune system boost, those who are exercising regularly can also lower their risk of cancer returning.

The benefits of exercise do not stop at only physical impacts. According to the same research by Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund, those who choose to exercise regularly can also receive mental and emotional benefits. These benefits include improved emotional well-being, increased quality of life, less anxiety and improved memory.

In an article published by, quality of life can also improve when exercising with a group. This article references a study titled Effect of Group Dynamics-Based Exercise Versus Personal Training in Breast Cancer Survivors. During this study 26 women with either stage I or stage II breast cancer were divided into two groups and began exercise training twice a week for 8 weeks. Group I was trained by a personal trainer and group II participated in a group exercise class. Through this study the researchers were able to conclude that while both groups did improve in physical abilities, group II proved to surpass group I in quality of life improvement. Researchers attributed this improved quality of life to the community of support and comradery received through group exercise.

As we enter in this New Year, we encourage you to seek out opportunities for group exercise, the benefits of doing so are endless.


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