Patient Perspective: Alana Ramirez

My cancer journey started in October of 2015 when I heard the words no one wants or expects to hear.  After my yearly mammogram, I was called back for a second set of pictures followed by a Core Biopsy confirming DCIS in my right breast. The Radiology Doctor reviewed the pathology report with us explaining DCIS, procedure options for removal and provided a surgeon referral.  I was beyond stunned at the diagnosis, but my husband remained strong and supportive saying we will get you better!

Over the following weeks we spent time researching/learning about DCIS, interviewing surgeons for options, having an MRI and genetic testing. We prepared to the best of our ability to make the right decisions for my treatment and were thankful for the early detection. The surgery on December 22, 2015 was incredibly successful.  I was released from the hospital 48 hours later on Christmas Eve cancer free, truly the best gift I had ever received.

At the surgeon post op appointment six days after my surgery, the pathology report confirmed DCIS and no other invasive cancer.  Both lymph nodes were clear which meant no need for chemotherapy or radiation. The relief and joy from the positive results cannot be expressed in words.

My surgeon felt it was prudent to take two proactive measures for risk mitigation in my treatment plan.  First was to schedule a consultant with the Oncologist, and second was to contact TurningPoint for Physical Therapy. He said “Patients love TurningPoint so much they never want to leave.” He was spot on!

January 6th, 2016, fifteen days after my surgery I had my first appointment at TurningPoint. In mid-January my Plastic Surgeon was impressed with my ability to use my core and arms with ease. The TurningPoint experience was WOW and continues to be WOW months later.  I consider the TurningPoint staff an integral and long term part of my medical team. TurningPoint provides me support and inspiration to take back my active life.  Thank you TurningPoint!