I am a stay at home mom, and when not on homework/bus stop duty, I enjoy walking with friends for exercise and company, creating photo books of family adventures, and hanging out with my husband to catch up on our similar tastes in tv and movies. I also like reading all the survivorship stories and learning of upcoming events at TurningPoint.

My story started like this: After waiting a few months to get an appointment, I saw a doctor in December of 2015 to have my right breast looked at as there was some unusual swelling.  After an ultrasound, I was told to find a breast surgeon who then gave me recommendations for an oncologist.  After a painful biopsy, I learned I would most likely have to go through chemo, a mastectomy, and radiation (in that order).  I stayed positive even though it would be a tough year of treatments.  My children, now 7 and 10 years old, were a little worried but enjoyed having extra playdates and lots of yummy food that friends and neighbors brought us.  My wonderful husband supported me and never showed worry or stress on his part, and even was my nurse and took care of me by having permission to work from home.

After the mastectomy in the summer, the radiation doctor told me I’d need to be able to move my arms up for the radiation beams and suggested a referral for physical therapy.  A few people suggested TurningPoint and I was glad to find them!  My therapists taught me lots of stretches to regain movement and I improved dramatically and was able to get back to my normal range of motion.  The following summer I had tissue expanders filled and returned to TurningPoint for massage therapy to help with stiffness. Everyone at TurningPoint is caring, positive, and rooting for you to improve.