This spring, two months after my diagnosis and three weeks after my mastectomy, I called to make an appointment with TurningPoint to begin my physical therapy. I knew I wanted to have my Physical Therapy with TurningPoint for two reasons. First, my good friend Ashley had told me that TurningPoint was the only answer to assist me in the best recovery experience. Second, I wanted to be with a practice that focused entirely on breast cancer patients. I wanted the best of the best (don’t we all?).

I had started to develop some pretty intense cording and knew I needed help to gain relief. I have been so impressed with Grayson and Anita who provide a personalized experience, always checking on my family and recent doctor appointments. They were very understanding when chemo, fatigue, or a PICC line got in the way of my progress.

In a world where one can feel like just another patient and in and out of so many doctor’s appointments it was such a sweet breath of fresh air to be a part of the TurningPoint family–where you looked forward to the appointments instead of having anxiety; where you left feeling relaxed and encouraged instead of defeated. I never left feeling sore or tense. It was always the exact opposite. I looked forward to my PT appointments because I knew my therapist would release tension; not cause it.

I was declared cancer free on June 29. I have now completed chemo and have just finished my reconstructive surgery August 4. Overall, as I’m coming to a close on this part of my breast cancer journey and starting the new journey of a survivor I can look back and say confidently that there were five things that supported me through these 6 months: my faith in my Savior Jesus Christ, my Browns Bridge Church community, my family and friends, my amazing doctors and TurningPoint.

These five all go together. Not one of them is the weakest link. I would not be where I am today without each of them working together.