Patient Perspective:  Cara Inman

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was scared and in shock. I was so lucky to be surrounded with a dream team of doctors – breast surgeon, plastic surgeon, and oncologist – who were fabulous. My role with them was to be the most compliant patient possible while they took care of business.

The next step was physical therapy and this was my opportunity to take an active role. I knew physical therapy would be critical to putting my world back together again. My doctors told me about TurningPoint and I booked my first appointment from my hospital room.   It’s hard to express how important this partnership has been.

At my first appointment, my therapist was confident and reassuring.   Since they only deal with breast cancer patients, they were just the experts I needed! I had a team of two therapists and the level of care was exceptional. It was amazing how quickly my body responded to my therapy sessions.   They also gave me just the right exercises to do at home and I saw improvement daily.

Since TurningPoint specializes in helping breast cancer patients, it was very assuring at each visit to know that they knew exactly what I was going through and better yet, how to get me through the last step of healing and recovery.   I feel that my physical therapists have truly become coaches for me – giving me guidance and cheering me on.

My experience at TurningPoint has been wonderful. I will forever be grateful to this wonderful group of professionals!