My breast cancer journey began in March 2014 with the detection of a lump in my left breast.  A biopsy yielded DCIS and an ultrasound indicated 3 tumors.  I let family and friends know and I got lots of love, care and support through my 8 chemotherapy treatments, mastectomy, and 30 radiation treatments. While in radiation, my doctor and nurse practioner recommended I enlist TurningPoint to learn about lymphedema, improve my range of motion, and increase my overall well being.  Along my journey, I was introduced to other survivors and all of them sang TurningPoint’s praises.

Finally, I took everyone’s suggestion and came to TurningPoint and what a positive difference TurningPoint has made in my journey!  The care, courtesy, and consideration of the staff made me feel like a woman capable of recovering as opposed to just another patient in a sterile medical environment.  I met other survivors blossoming post treatment and felt like I could, too!  Cathy and Jyoti provided personal attention and physical therapy increasing my range of motion and reducing the swelling in my arm and hand.  Meera helped me feel pampered with massages.  Lauren lovingly kicks butt in Pilates classes and the whole staff provides positive support all the way around.

I am truly blessed to have found TurningPoint and now sing their praises to every breast cancer patient I meet!  TurningPoint continues to be one of the positive gifts of my breast cancer journey—helping me discover rehabilitation and healing post treatment!   My rehabilitation option through my insurance amounted to only one visit with a printout of exercises to perform at home. Through the generosity of TurningPoint’s donors and the financial assistance program, I have been able to receive the care I need.

Thank you for all that you do to put the joy in fighting cancer and living!

Christy Woods