Through all the medical appointments, tests, MRIs, surgeries, radiation, and getting ducks-in-a-row for working at home after surgery, I don’t think I ever took a deep breath (literally and figuratively) until I came to TurningPoint. My quality of life has greatly improved because of the expert care and guidance I have received from the knowledgeable, dedicated and caring staff at TuningPoint. EVERYONE I have had contact with at TurningPoint is compassionate and clearly interested in helping patients gain the best quality of life possible. With the help of TurningPoint, I have improved the range of motion in my arms, improved my posture, learned how to manage lymphedema, learned stretching exercises which I can use at the work place, learned how yoga can benefit my health, received nutritional information and learned how a simple thing like breathing correctly can help release stress and help the body heal.

Many people helped me through this difficult time. Friends, neighbors and coworkers prepared meals for me and my incredible, loving husband was by my side to help me with whatever I needed. I am very grateful to all of those kind people who took time out of their busy lives to help me. I am also profoundly grateful for all that TurningPoint has done for me and thankful also for the compassionate help provided to the many women who come through their doors.

When I became a Medicare-insured patient at the age of 65, my gynecologist of 15 years would no longer provide health care services to me. I contacted several gynecologists before finding a doctor that accepted Medicare-insured individuals and would take me as a new patient. I’m grateful that TurningPoint accepts what my Medicare insurance reimburses. I suspect that the amount Medicare and my supplemental insurance reimburse TurningPoint does not adequately cover the cost of the care I receive. Therefore, I also greatly appreciate those in the community who donate their time, effort and resources supporting TurningPoint so that this organization can continue providing the haven it does for so many women.