I never thought that it would be me. After discovering a small lump in 2013, the ultrasound didn’t show anything abnormal. One year later, I noticed the same lump growing in size, and now was very painful. At the age of 41, I had never had a mammogram. I kept putting it off because of all the stories I’ve heard. My Mum convinced me to go because the lump didn’t feel right. My first mammogram wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. I regretted not going earlier when I found out the results. Being told that I had not one but three lumps was very disappointing. The biopsy showed two as cancerous and required a lumpectomy.

Following the lumpectomy, it was devastating to hear that I had Stage II cancer and needed to have a mastectomy. As I sat in the Doctor’s office, I never cried so much in my life. A voice kept saying “You’re STRONG, You’ll FIGHT this!” The good news was, it was caught early and I would be okay. Through the grace of God, doctors, prayers, love, and support from family and friends I made it through this difficult procedure. I Am Cancer Free—Thank You Jesus!! I decided against Chemotherapy and believe that alternative and homeopathic medicine, along with good nutrition and exercise, are the key to healthy living.

The pain after the surgery is really a dim memory. I recall that it was the most painful thing I’d ever experienced in my life. I had mobility problems with my left arm, shoulder, and chest. The aggravating pain was very discouraging and caused by a condition called cording. The therapists at TurningPoint are helping me be free of this crippling feeling.

I heard about TurningPoint from a friend, who also had breast cancer and then from my doctor. They’ve truly been an inspiration to me. They provided information about nutrition, counseling, physical therapy and massage.   Their Pilates class and routine stretching really has me on the right track, back to being able to do all the fun things that I love doing. I can’t express how much everyone at TurningPoint has encouraged me and given me a positive outlook on life.

Thank You TurningPoint!!