July 28, 2016. I can’t remember my husband’s birthday but I will never forget that day. It’s the day I began my journey as a breast cancer patient, diagnosed with invasive mammary carcinoma that had spread to my lymph nodes. This proved to be the toughest and in some ways, the most enlightening experience of my life.

Life before surgery was very different. Packed with long work weeks that required significant amounts of global travel, I was always on the go, managing my work and personal life with fine precision and continuously working hard to keep my life under control. On July 28th, all of that changed. I was suddenly out of control of what was happening to me and my family. I was deeply impacted by both the physical effects of my cancer and the change in my perspective on life.

My doctors provided excellent patient care but I still worried constantly. There are so many things going on with my body that no one seems to address. What exactly did the surgery entail? What can I do and not do? What type of bra should I be wearing? What are those ‘vein looking’ things (cords) under my arm? How do I get back the full use of my arm? Just to name a few.

While the physical effects of my diagnosis were significant, the impact on my perspective was greater.   Being home and away from the office for several months was eye opening. I felt closer to my son and husband, began to laugh more, and feel emotions more strongly than I had in years. I realized I had let my job consume my life–consume my time, my emotions and my general sense of well-being. That was something that had to change once this was all over.

Enter TurningPoint. My call to them was the smartest decision of my journey! They not only help with the physical effects of my treatment, they provide unending support, guidance and compassion. You feel it from the moment you walk through the door and receive a warm smile and greeting from Sandy. Having physical therapy with Grayson and Anita is like visiting a girlfriend. I can pour my heart out to them and even cry (which has happened a few times) without feeling judged. They care about me, all of me. I have come to look forward to my visits and always feel great when I leave … physically and emotionally.

I feel very blessed to have found TurningPoint!