My Breast Cancer Journey

I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 38 years old. I felt a lump in my breast, but as a mother of 2 girls it was difficult to go to the doctor. I started to feel bad and lose weight. At my ob/gyn appointment I mentioned my symptoms and the lump I felt in my breast. My doctor sent me for lab tests and mammography. I remember feeling that something was wrong and then I got a phone call a few days later from my doctor. My husband and I could not believe that I had breast cancer! I had no family history and I maintain a healthy life style. It was hard to accept.

I had so many plans, I passed the CLEP (college credit) test and I was going to study for the NPTE (Physical Therapy) exam. Most importantly I wanted another child. We make plans and God has his own plans for us. I had to put all my plans on hold for at least a year.

I came to TurningPoint after my lumpectomy. My friend Claire is a former patient and told me about the clinic. I felt bad both physically and emotionally, I could not pick up my girls and was about to start chemotherapy. TurningPoint was there for me. The whole staff supported me and my goals. Everyone gave me good advice on how to cope with my situation.

I started to go to the Pilates group which is also my support group. Lauren and Anita are like two angels, always there to show me I can do it and even if I can’t that it’s not the end of the world. This group of women is amazing! They gave me strength and reminded me of who I am.

The journey did not end when I finished chemotherapy and radiation. This is a journey I will take the rest of my life, and TurningPoint is helping me make this journey! I am so grateful to Claire who introduced me to TurningPoint. The whole staff is always there to give hugs or the advice that I need.