I know what you’re saying – – – what was she thinking??? It was inevitable that I was going to lose my hair so I decided to have a little fun with it and a hot pink Mohawk for my three granddaughters was just what the doctor ordered. They said they had the “Coolest” Grandma alive. I tried to keep this positive attitude throughout my chemo, radiation and surgery. My first visit to TurningPoint was an eye-opener. I did not have use of my arms and my attitude had begun to falter. TurningPoint took over and lifted me up!

Breast cancer changed my life in so many ways. After going through the chemo, surgery and radiation I knew my mind and body would never be the same. That’s where TurningPoint changed my thinking and the way I felt about myself. I look forward to going to TurningPoint because they smile and call me by my first name when I walk in the door. My therapy team, Jyoti and Grayson, worked with me on my specific problem areas and now I have full use of my arms again. They gave me strength training and exercises to do at home which have worked tremendously. My attitude and thinking just got better and better as I went through the program.

Now, my motto is this: A lot of women with breast cancer didn’t wake up this morning – but I did. And I thank God every day. In addition to my doctors, family and friends, TurningPoint has made a HUGE difference in my recovery – they gave me back my life.