In January of 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was fortunate in that my cancer was caught early, but there were still decisions to be made and treatments to be selected. With all the information and guidance I was given by my doctors during the diagnosis period, leading up to surgery, and post-op follow up visits with doctors, I had no information about what life would be like after breast cancer. More importantly, I had no idea how to get myself back to the active and independent woman I was prior to my diagnosis.

About three months after finding out that I had breast cancer I was given the diagnosis of cording, and that is when I was referred to TurningPoint for physical therapy. With everything there was to worry about with a breast cancer diagnosis, it had never entered my mind that I could wind up with such a limited range of motion that it would negatively impact my life. At TurningPoint, the physical therapists have a comprehensive understanding of the issues that are specific to breast cancer, breast cancer surgeries, and breast cancer treatments. I left my first physical therapy session feeling relieved, encouraged, and confident that I could get back to functioning as I did prior to breast cancer. My physical therapist sent me home that first day with a stretching program that she revised weekly as my range of motion increased. Every therapy session made a positive impact on my condition, and I saw myself improving daily as I continued to work on my home program.

Now that I am three and a half years cancer free, TurningPoint is still a big part of my life. My favorite thing about TurningPoint now is the Wednesday morning Pilates Class that I have been participating in for the past 3 years. Pilates has become the core of my personal wellness program. It is my one hour a week when I do something good for myself, led by an instructor who knows exactly what I need to focus on, with a group of women who have walked parallel journeys to mine. TurningPoint Pilates is exercise, therapy, compassion, and camaraderie.  Our instructor tailors the class to breast cancer survivors, but she also advises, educates, and facilitates discussions, adding an educational component to our weekly class.

At 60 years old, I am stronger, more flexible, and more knowledgeable about wellness than I have ever been. TurningPoint has been invaluable not only to my recovery, but to my maintaining a healthy lifestyle.