I am what you might call “a late bloomer,” having married for the first time only five years ago at age 62! I married a widower with two grown daughters and three grandchildren. I still work as a Christian Counselor/Therapist, and I enjoy reading, watching and discussing themes in films, and walking.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer it was a real blow. Even though it was only Stage One and I was able to have a successful lumpectomy with clear margins, I went on to suffer for several months with lymph fluid build-up under my right arm. I am right-handed, so the constant swelling, pain and an impingement in my shoulder really hampered my functioning. I was unable to lift with my right arm or even fasten my bra. I had radiation therapy and then a second surgery due to an unforeseen complication.

I came across a flyer for TurningPoint and thought that I would try it at least once to see if I could get a bit more freedom of movement. The therapist at TurningPoint did soft tissue massage that really helped with the pain I was experiencing. Then she gave me exercises to do that allowed me to regain my freedom of motion little by little. From time to time I enjoyed a massage that targeted the hurting places in my back and shoulder, and once I sat with a TurningPoint counselor to talk about the impact that the cancer has had on me. All of this has been extremely beneficial, and today I am pain free and able to do everything that I once could do. Occasionally I have some numbness under my arm, and if I’m not careful to exercise I can get a bit stiff on my right side, but I am 100% better after the warm and loving care at TurningPoint. I recommend it to anyone who has breast cancer.