I will never forget the day that I received the news that no one ever wants to hear. It was October 15, 2013 when my biopsy results confirmed that I had breast cancer in both breasts. Having been very diligent about my annual mammograms and with no family history of breast cancer, my husband, two children and I were all very shocked. After the primary surgery, I was experiencing extreme muscle tightness, cording, and a very limited range of motion. I had been an avid tennis player and enjoyed working out on a regular basis, so I was feeling very debilitated. When I mentioned the discomfort to my plastic surgeon at a post-op visit, he immediately referred me to TurningPoint, where I quickly learned that I was having a very “normal” post surgery experience which put my mind at ease. Although it was not always easy to describe exactly what was bothering me, my physical therapists could always relate to what I was experiencing and knew exactly what to do for it. Between the therapy that I received at TurningPoint and the additional stretching exercises they gave me to do on my own, I began to notice an enormous change in how I felt. Feeling physically stronger enabled me to exercise more frequently and this, in turn, helped ease some of the emotions I was dealing with as well. TurningPoint has been life changing!

Because of the radiation and multiple surgeries that I have had, I have spent quite a bit of time at TurningPoint over the past year and a half, and I couldn’t be more grateful for this organization. Their encouragement, support, and knowledge have been instrumental in helping me get back to my normal routines again. I continue to exercise and do the recommended strengthening activities to build my stamina back up to where it was, and I am finally feeling confident that I will be back out on the tennis courts before too long!

I have received nothing but wonderful and professional care by the TurningPoint staff. I have also been blessed with their friendships, smiles, and positive attitudes—all of which have elevated my physical and emotional well-being! I cannot thank these compassionate women enough for all that they have done for me throughout my journey. Although I would never wish a cancer diagnosis on anyone, I will be forever thankful for the TurningPoint family that I have bonded with along the way, due to my diagnosis.