Patient Perspective:  Lorie

For the most part cancer has been good to me. I had some misconceptions about life after treatment; but, now I know better.   Because I did well during treatment, I thought after treatment I would jump right back into life where I left off. I didn’t realize I would face a “new normal,” at least for a while, of having to live with discomfort and live a lesser life than the “old normal.” I am very thankful that Jill had a vision for a place like TurningPoint – a place that not only rehabs the physical body but serves to educate and renew the mind and spirit.

When I first heard about TurningPoint I thought “Great!”…until I thought about having to drive the distance from my home to the clinic. The emailed intro form stayed in my inbox for two months before I filled it out and returned it. I spent most of that time trying to decide whether I was willing or wanting to drive the distance from Morrow. Since TurningPoint specializes in breast cancer rehabilitation I decided to at least give it a try – to see if they offered anything different than a physical therapist close to home. THEY DO!! I couldn’t believe I needlessly hurt so bad, for so long, and was ready to accept it as my “new normal.”

Along this journey I have met many wonderful people and have had access to great resources. It is not enough to have resources available; in order to work they have to be utilized. I am still learning from this journey. I am thankful to be a lifelong learner. TurningPoint, like Dunkin’ Donuts, is worth the trip.