September 2015 started out just like any other month. That was until I noticed some skin changes and saw my doctor. He sent me to have a mammogram and biopsies to discover what was happening. When I heard the words “you have cancer” it turned my world upside down. How would I tell my family? I have two boys and a husband that depend on me. Being very active at the time, I wondered how my life would change. It was determined that I would need aggressive treatment. Intense chemotherapy and radiation left me with many issues such as burning and shooting pain in my right arm upon lifting and lymphedema in my right arm. While shopping, I could not lift my arm to reach the top shelf.

When I went to TurningPoint for help with my lymphedema, they took the time to evaluate me to see what my issues were. Their therapists were compassionate and put me at ease. TurningPoint determined that I did not have nerve damage, but had bad cording in my right arm. I was ecstatic when I heard they could work with me to get full mobility of my arm and remove the pain. TurningPoint fitted me for my glove and sleeve, and now my arm no longer swells while walking. The exercises they taught me keep my arm flexible and strong. Shopping is now a breeze and I can reach those top shelves.

TurningPoint has allowed me to keep up with my hobbies. I enjoy painting with my pink sisters, keeping up with my family activities, cooking, playing with my toy poodle and helping others who have been diagnosed with cancer.

TurningPoint has so many things to offer, from physical therapy to counseling services. At TurningPoint you are more than a patient, you are a person and a friend. The massage therapy keeps you physically able to do the things you love and the dietitian shows how to boost your immune system and reduce side-effects of chemotherapy. The counseling services help you cope and manage your stress. TurningPoint gave me my life back and I cannot thank them enough. I hope all women with breast cancer learn about TurningPoint because they provide the means to get your life back on track, and everyone deserves a chance to have a happy and healthy life.