Cancer became my reality in December 2016. Nothing prepares you for going through cancer treatment and the impact it will have on you and your family. My husband Trevor works outside the home and I work part time from home and stay home to care for our two young children, Ella and Colton.

Shortly after my diagnosis, I went through a double mastectomy and reconstruction before going through several rounds of chemo. I had significant fluid retention and impaired mobility in my arms and core. TurningPoint was crucial in helping me regain strength and mobility before I faced additional surgeries and treatment.

After chemo, multiple surgeries, and a subsequent infection, I returned to TurningPoint with significant pain on one side. I was feeling defeated about the possibility of regaining full range of motion. The amazing therapists utilized targeted massage, laser, stretches and exercises to help me become pain free and able to get back to my normal “pre-cancer” activities. Recently, I took one of my dogs on a 3-mile hike! In addition, I benefited from visits to the massage therapist, counselor, and nutritionist.

When you are going through cancer treatment, you are spending the majority of your time in doctor offices, labs, or the hospital. Coming to TurningPoint has been a breath of fresh air … the atmosphere is welcoming and peaceful and every staff member is kind and compassionate. I am so grateful there is a place like TurningPoint for people to go who have gone through breast cancer treatment.