As a high school principal, I loved every minute I walked in the school to support teachers and students. I am now retired and assist my daughter and her husband a few days a week with their business. I am an avid reader and love to travel and entertain. Being diagnosed with breast cancer has changed my entire outlook about life.

Devastated, shocked, infuriated, bewildered and overwhelmed are all expressions of how I felt when I received a diagnosis of Invasive Lobular Carcinoma in my left breast and Invasive Ductile Carcinoma in my right breast simultaneously. Thoughts of dying and wondering if would ever feel normal again handicapped my mind. I did not hesitate to let my family and friends know of my diagnosis. Their support helped me manage every hill I had to climb during this journey. I also enjoy attending monthly breast cancer support group meetings

After the completion of chemotherapy, I felt abandoned; I asked myself, “now what?” I needed additional support with my range of movement and the stiffness I felt in my upper body, as well as emotional support with my confidence to re-start an exercise program again. I was filled with anxiety; I needed help obtaining a baseline for a new normal. TurningPoint provided the physical therapy I needed to gain my range of motion. The therapist knew exactly what I was going through as I expressed my physical and emotional concerns. The exercise routines were tailored according to my needs. The prescribed exercises relieved my stiffness, which made it easy for me to start back with the exercise routine (with modification) I had before the breast cancer diagnosis. I’ve noticed a significant difference in the tone and strength of my upper body. I am continuing the daily exercise routine my Physical Therapist gave me. I feel one hundred percent better since receiving physical therapy at Turning Point. I’m so happy I found out about the program!