I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 38. This was a shocker because I do not have a family history of breast cancer and considered myself a healthy person. In the past 1½ years, I have undergone multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment — which was an emotional journey for myself, my family and friends. I come from a very close family, and this made us even closer. They would take turns coming to visit me after major procedures. During a time when I was planning to extend my family, my husband and I had to redirect our thoughts and prayers to my survival. It was during this time that I appreciated my hobbies more than ever because they were a distraction from my medical concerns. I found myself wanting to be more active (when my body would allow it). Yet after my first major surgery, I was shocked to discover that I had limitation in my arms and range of motion. It was difficult to raise my arms, comb my hair, and perform simple tasks around the house. I also realized that getting dressed for the day was a major chore which resulted in wearing specific clothes that did not require reaching my arms above my head.

When I was referred to TurningPoint by my surgeon, I was relieved that my condition was common among others who had similar procedures. The environment was welcoming and relaxing from the moment that I entered the office to my last visit several weeks later. The physical therapy that I received from my team was beyond exceptional. They were skilled in teaching exercises and educating me in ways to optimize my range of motion. Because of the treatment that I received at TurningPoint, I can happily report that I have regained my range of motion in my arms and have returned to my normal life, including experimenting with the newest exercise crazes!  I am so grateful to have TurningPoint in my life during my most difficult journey.