April Patient Perspective

Karen Hamlin Six years ago, I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC). I chose full treatment- chemotherapy, bilateral surgery, radiation, and hormone therapy. I exercise, watch my diet, maintain a spiritually positive attitude, and continue to work even since my retirement. However, there are risks and side effects of treatment.  At the beginning of […]

March Patient Perspective

March 2015 Patient Perspective

Amena Mitchell In the spring of 2011 I noticed a small lump in the lower, inner quadrant of my right breast. I immediately panicked and called my doctor. I was scheduled for a mammogram shortly thereafter and was advised that it was a benign cyst and some calcification. Over the course of the following two […]

February Patient Perspective

Rachel Davidson - Feb2015 Patient Perspective

Rachel Davidson I had my first mammogram at age 32. It would be my last. The mastectomy took care of that. Young. Not overweight. Breastfed two babies. I was low risk in every sense. It was the beginning of breast cancer awareness month. I was aware and did what I was supposed to do. None […]

January Patient Perspective

Wynetta Scott-Simmons I have always enjoyed learning; possessed a healthy thirst for the power of and comfort found in knowledge. That thirst led me to enroll in an elective high school class that explored world religions. It was in that class that I was introduced to the concept of karma. As a result of my […]