Evidence Update: Impact of Pilates Exercise on Lymphedema

The advances in breast cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgical treatment all reduce breast cancer mortality rates, but they may also lead to complications such as lymphedema. Research shows that the percentage of patients experiencing lymphedema after breast cancer treatment ranges from 2% to 30%. Exercise is an important strategy to help reduce […]

Evidence Update: Self-Care in Breast Cancer Recovery

Breast cancer is an extremely challenging life event that can occur and impact one’s outlook on life.  While focus on quality of life has traditionally centered on physical well-being, current research is showing a multitude of other factors that influence a woman’s quality of life.  A recent literature review explored the existing research and showed […]

Evidence Update: Why is Exercise Important for Breast Cancer Survivors?

Establishing a consistent and comprehensive exercise routine that involves upper and lower body strengthening as well as a cardiovascular component should be a goal for all individuals. This is especially important for breast cancer survivors who may benefit from interventions that can offset the side-effects related to breast cancer treatment. A recent study confirms the […]

Evidence Update: Why is Posture Important?

Posture is a term used to describe how your body is positioned when you are standing, sitting or lying down. Posture can change after injury, surgery or other treatments such as radiation. A research study in which a post-mastectomy group was compared to a control group found a significantly higher incidence of faulty body postures […]